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Renewables costs continue their decline

New analysis from IRENA has found that 162GW or 62% of new renewable generation added in 2020 had lower costs than the cheapest new fossil fuel option.
ReNew Power battery storage

US grid-scale storage capacity could grow five-fold by 2050

With declining technology costs and increasing renewable deployment, energy storage is poised to be a valuable resource on future power grids.

Smart meters for hot water system control in New South Wales community

Sydney electricity distributor Endeavour Energy and smart metering company Intellihub have launched the ‘Off Peak Plus’ programme to gain off-peak benefits.

Make 2020s the decade of massive clean energy expansion – IEA

Achieving net zero by 2050 hinges on the clean technology push to 2030, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in a new report

Democratic Republic of Congo – an off-grid solar opportunity

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) offers a compelling opportunity for investment in off-grid solar, a new market review signals.

Apple gets into energy storage

Apple, long touting itself at the forefront of the clean energy drive, claims one of the largest battery storage projects in US.

Smart energy managed service stations coming in Singapore

Singapore solar company Eigen Energy is to lead development of the nation’s first series of service stations integrated with smart energy management solutions.

Solar PV to electrify rural homes in northern Peru

48,000 homes in rural areas in the north of Peru are to be electrified in the next phase of the Ministry of Energy and Mines’ Massive Photovoltaic Programme.

Caribbean advances renewables potential

New skills training and funding partnerships are paving the way to advance the renewables transition in the Caribbean.

Hi-tech battery storage development goes ahead

The Consortium for Battery Innovation is supporting research to develop battery storage for ‘plug and play’ solar energy systems for US homes.