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National Grid

National Grid to connect 150GWh of DER capacity in New England grid

A new deal reached will enable US utility National Grid to leverage distributed energy resources (DERs) for the stability of the grid network in New England.
Comsumer engagement is important to gain trust

Ed’s note: Do consumers trust you?

Big announcements of major infrastructure projects make good headlines for politicians and are easy to pronounce but not necessarily as easy to implement.
data analytics and net-zero

SSEN testing open data sharing tool in net-zero transition pilot

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks announced its new Near Real-time Data Access to accelerate its transition to net-zero.
energy transition model

Centre for Net-Zero to develop consumer-centric energy transition model

A new collaboration aims to develop a comprehensive energy transition model that is consumer-centric and smart meter data enabled.

No pathway to 2050 net-zero goal without G20 leadership – UN

There is no pathway to the 2050 net-zero goal without the leadership of the G20 member countries leadership - UN Secretary General.
data management

Energy data sharing, management and role in Europe’s climate neutrality

As digitalisation amplifies within the European energy sector, data management is one area that needs maximum focus for the sector to reap the full benefits of digital transformation initiatives.

New York governor announces funding for carbontech innovation programme

There is a need to increase investments in technology R&D with the carbontech solutions market still in its infancy stage.
energy transition

Energy transition a big business opportunity for multiple stakeholders – IRENA

The energy transition across the globe presents a big business opportunity for stakeholders in various sectors - new IRENA study.

Decarbonising industry is key to China’s net-zero strategy

China has committed to a CO2 emissions peak before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060. Its 14th 5-year plan will be released in March, followed by sector-oriented plans. For the first time, it will include a dedicated plan addressing climate change.
ppl corporation

Britain fails to sufficiently shift financers away from carbon-intensive portfolios

Climate action programmes launched in Britain over the past years have failed to significantly shift the focus of financing institutions away from carbon-intensive projects towards measures that mitigate climate change