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data analytics and net-zero

SSEN testing open data sharing tool in net-zero transition pilot

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks announced its new Near Real-time Data Access to accelerate its transition to net-zero.

TotalEnergies and Amazon partner on renewables and digital transformation

TotalEnergies and technology company Amazon have partnered to assist each other in energy transition and digital transformation journeys.
power sector and weather

Three barriers to India’s power sector resilience and how to address them

A new report released by the Rocky Mountain Institute explores the resilience of the Indian power sector to climate change and provides recommendations on how to build a secure and reliable grid.

UK reaches 13 million SMETS smart meter milestone on DCC network

The Data Communications Company has now connected 13m SMETS smart meters to its network as part of the country's digital transformation.

Not just any transition

This energy transition may turn out to be a just-in-time transition in terms of combating climate change, but it must also be a morally and financially fair just energy transition.
energy transition model

Centre for Net-Zero to develop consumer-centric energy transition model

A new collaboration aims to develop a comprehensive energy transition model that is consumer-centric and smart meter data enabled.
grid decarbonisation

How corporates’ renewables procurement strategies aid grid decarbonisation

RMI and Microsoft explore corporates' renewable energy procurement strategies and the role they can play in the decarbonisation of the grid.

SSEN to speed up net-zero transition with £4.1bn plan

SSEN is set to improve its customer services and accelerate the transition to net-zero by implementing its £4.1bn business plan.
World Energy Council

The US rejoins the World Energy Council

Under efforts to play a key role in the global energy transition, the United States has rejoined the World Energy Council.
EDP Renewables

EDP Renewables and AWS partner on renewables and digital services

Spanish utility EDP Renewables will be working together with Amazon Web Services in renewable energy project development and digital services.