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Carbon prices in EU hit record highs as power demand rises

As Europe eased lockdowns electricity demand returned to pre-COVID levels and carbon allowance prices rose to record levels in the second quarter.

Towards a consumer-centric energy market design in Europe

Belgium’s transmission system operator Elia Group has called for two market design changes to become consumer-centric.

Consumers transforming Australia’s electricity market with rooftop PV

Australian consumers are increasingly adopting more dispersed renewable generation from rooftop PV and are causing a transformation of the electricity market - report.
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Is Europe’s energy market design fit for purpose?

Spoiler alert: yes, but with caveats, according to participants in Energy Markets Week 2021’s opening panel.

COR-e brings AI to next generation power market analysis

French start-up COR-e has launched its next generation artificial intelligence based platform for the energy trading market.

Europe’s electricity markets in 2030 – design options

Europe’s TSO association ENTSO-E presents options for the design of the region’s electricity markets to meet 2030 climate objectives.

France and Great Britain lead demand side flexibility in Europe

The EU Demand Side Flexibility Market Monitor 2020 finds activities to varying degrees in the 21 mainly western European markets assessed.
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Europe’s evolving energy marketplaces must be open – review

A new paper argues that developing open energy marketplaces is at the centre stage of the digitalisation of Europe’s energy system.

Tracking renewable energy sources 24/7

EnergyTag has been launched to develop a standard for renewable energy users to track the provenance of their energy on an hourly basis.

Ofgem appoints service provider for 31,000 failed utility customers

Ofgem has appointed Utilita Energy Limited to take on Our Power’s 31,000 domestic customers.