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Comsumer engagement is important to gain trust

Ed’s note: Do consumers trust you?

Big announcements of major infrastructure projects make good headlines for politicians and are easy to pronounce but not necessarily as easy to implement.

Ed’s note: The G20 meeting was a bust

The race against climate change and global warming is not a marathon. It is a sprint. And Areti Ntaradimou fears that we don’t have what it takes to cut the finish line on time.

Ed’s Note – US: Mind the (grid) gap

“There’s a reality gap between the volume of renewables policymakers would like to see on the grid and the levels the current grid can actually handle.” And it seems like the policymakers in the US are trying hard to close that gap.
decarbonisation SEPA

Ed’s Note: EU Commission’s 13 commandments for climate out

The new, mammoth ‘green package’ is called ‘Fit for 55’ and it is going to change the way we commute, use – or abuse – energy and the way our smart homes and cities...

Ed’s Note: Do you know what keeps cybersecurity experts awake at night?

Supply chain and ransomware attacks. And the latest incident combines the two nightmares in a rather creative way. I am referring to the attack against Miami-based IT firm Kaseya, which caused a chain reaction...
Ireland renewable energy

Ed’s note: H2 vs NUC vs RES – Don’t believe the hype!

Our hydrogen is grey. Our nuclear power encounters waste disposal issues. Our RES endanger the environment and depend on ‘dirty’ mining. How are we supposed to reach our 2050 goals?
Solar panels and wind turbines are part of the renewable energy transition

Ed’s note: Endangering our flora and fauna, one PV panel at a time

Is Australia setting the scene for a critical look at the environmental impact of renewable energy projects, wonders editor Areti Ntaradimou.
Flexibility and renewable energy in light bulb

Ed’s note: 6+1 ways to unlock flexibility

Editor Areti Ntaradimou describes six ways to unlock flexibility for the power grid and markets, but what would be the seventh way?
Energy financial and trading opportunities in Europe

Ed’s note: Unlocking flexibility for power and gas

From 14-17 June, Enlit 365 and Energy Markets are going to give center stage to the power and gas markets and discuss ways to unlock flexibility.
InitiateTech brings corporates and start-ups together

Ed’s note: Utilities and start-ups – A match made in heaven?

InitiateTech is a new platform that should bring corporates and new tech together to tackle the challenges of reaching net zero together.