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Ed’s note: The G20 meeting was a bust

The race against climate change and global warming is not a marathon. It is a sprint. And Areti Ntaradimou fears that we don’t have what it takes to cut the finish line on time.
climate finance

Climate financing by multilateral development banks hits new record

MDBs committed $66bn in climate finance in 2020 up from $61.6 billion the previous year, a new report released by the eight MDBs has revealed.

Timmermans – pace of electrification must quadruple over next decade

"The European energy sector is poised for an industrial revolution “comparable to the jump we made when James Watt invented the steam engine”.

Electrifying US buildings critical to achieving 2050 emissions target

According to a new report released by the Environment America Research & Development, building electrification over the next 30 years is vital for the US to achieve its 2050 carbon emissions reduction goal.

IEA Summit pushes global leaders to unite behind climate goals

Climate leaders from more than 40 countries took part in the IEA-COP26 Net Zero Summit to identify how to work together to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.
carbon pricing

Massive increase in carbon pricing vital to accelerate climate action

Wood Mackenzie states that a massive increase in carbon pricing globally is vital to ensure climate action goals set under the Paris Agreement are met.
esg funds

Women to drive increasing investment in ESG funds through 2030

Women’s growing share of wealth and influence in the asset management industry will spur increasing investment into ESG funds through 2030.
utilities wildfires

How utilities can stay one step ahead of wildfires in 2021

Chris Beaufait, the CEO of Sharper Shape explores how utilities can improve power line inspection to address the growing threat of wildfires on grid infrastructure and operations and on the environment.
energy transition

New Electric Mine Consortium to decarbonise operations in mining sector

Forming the Electric Mine Consortium, CEOs from the mining and resource industry have joined forces to decarbonise the mining industry in response to climate change.
climate change

Coalition announces 2021 projects to decarbonise transport and logistics

The aim is to sustain new green mobility models and to reduce the impact of transport and logistics on climate change.