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2021 – Issue 1

Smart Energy International issue 1 2021

Smart Energy International Issue 1 2021

Read the latest industry insights, features, analysis and more from the smart energy sector in Smart Energy International Issue 1 2021.
The senior leadership of Itron has a clear vision for the future of utilities

Itron: A legacy of innovation

Itron’s history is marked by the innovations they developed to help improve the operations of our utility customers.
President Joe Biden ponders the next steps in US energy policy.

With humility and ambition: What’s next for US energy policy?

Claire Volkwyn ponders what the future holds for US energy policy now that the Biden-Harris Administration is installed.
SAP: Innovative water and energy meter data analysis

Innovative ways of managing your energy and water data

In line with the need for a cloud-based solution managing all energy and water data, SAP concluded to build a new generation of energy data management: SAP Cloud for Energy.
2021 predictions of the year ahead in the smart energy sector

2021: The year ahead

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 was a year unlike any other. How will 2021 be different? Claire Volkwyn collected insights from industry experts.

Using smart meters in health and care monitoring systems

Nicholas Nhede looks at the possibilities of harnessing data acquired from smart meters in health and care monitoring systems.

IoT + edge processing is making sci-fi a reality for energy management

What is the role of IoT and edge computing in optimising the operations of smart buildings, distributed renewable energy resources, remote pipeline management, smart homes and hydro-electric power generation facility control?
communications for packet-based technologies

Best practices for transitioning to packet-based technologies

Today, changing technologies and the rise of mobile 5G are forcing utility providers to rethink their business-critical communications networks.

Powering a Moon village

With interest growing in a return of humans to the moon, says Jonathan Spencer Jones, attention is turning to the possibility of establishing a long-term presence there and the form that such a settlement might take.
power sector and weather

Forecasting the unpredictable… Whatever the weather

By its very nature, renewable energy is highly weather dependent, and the ongoing expansion of renewables is making our global power supply more vulnerable to changing weather conditions.
Energy as a service

Energy as a service solutions grow despite the pandemic

Sasha Wedekind, a research analyst of building efficiency and decarbonisation at Guidehouse Insights, explores some of the key trends within the global energy-as-a-service market.