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2021 – DISTRIBUTECH Special Supplement

Distributech INternational special supplement 2021

DISTRIBUTECH International special supplement 2021

For the special supplement of the first edition of Smart Energy International 2021, we partnered with DISTRIBUTECH International.
DISTRIBUTECH International & POWERGEN International take place at the same conference space in 2022

Together apart: DISTRIBUTECH International & POWERGEN International

The face-to-face DISTRIBUTECH International and POWERGEN International events are planned for January 2022. In the meantime, online events offer educational sessions and one-on-one meetings.

DISTRIBUTECH Plus: Virtual connection in times of COVID

DISTRIBUTECH Plus is connecting utilities with the education they need in the time of the pandemic.

Start-up launch pad: US

Meet the US start-ups that are disrupting, inspiring and evolving the energy sector.

Decarbonising power with hydrogen

As power grids in the US have transitioned from coal-fired generation to a combination of renewables and natural gas, some parts of the country are now retiring their last remaining coal plants and people are asking: what comes next?

Utility behind the meter storage

Michael Goldman, director on the Energy Efficiency team at Eversource Energy, spoke recently about utility sponsored behind the meter storage programmes.

Hot Dam! HYDRO+ offers year-round learning

Elizabeth Ingram, content director for Hydro Review and HYDROVISION International, walks you through the home of hydropower.

From cloud to smart meters

The utility industry is transforming with new opportunities that are improving operational efficiency, productivity and resiliency across the electricity value chain.