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2020 – Issue 1

Smart Energy International Issue 1 2020

Read articles from Issue 1 2020 here Read the full digimag here WELCOME TO THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DECADE Ah! The beginning of a new year! A clean slate, fresh outlook and a crisp diary...
Miami-Dade County

Protecting our critical water utility infrastructure from attack

Because of the critical role of water and power utility infrastructure in our society, in addition to their increasing reliance on connected systems, they are an especially appealing target for multiple attack vectors such as insider, outsider and supply chain attackers

Cyber challenges facing utilities today

DER interconnected nature and importance in national infrastructure make utilities a prime cyber target with the potential for disastrous consequences.

How the energy industry can better protect itself from cyberattacks

The cybercriminal group behind the notorious TRISIS attack has recently been detected probing US electric companies for potential vulnerabilities

The true cost of cyberattacks

Putting a true cost to cyberattacks is not an easy undertaking, but it is an increasingly important one according to researchers at the University of Oxford.
european utility week

European Utility Week paves the way for ENLIT

Neike was one of the keynote session presenters who kicked off this year’s European Utility Week/POWERGEN Europe conference in a rather damp Paris.
Load forecasting

Rise in renewables makes smart utility load forecasting vital

The challenge of accurate renewable energy load forecasting may be helped by utilising Artificial Intelligence, writes Sid Sachdeva.
utility disruption

Disruption – the truths behind the hype

It’s a buzzword that’s slowly starting to lose its flavour for many – disruption – yet this intersection between innovation, originality and necessity promises a revolution of the status-quo.
AI technologies

AI, energy storage and the electrification of transport

We are on the cusp of the next major energy transition – a transition that will move us towards a more sustainable future where renewable energies replace fossil fuels. But this transition is not going to happen overnight.
energy transition

A data-enabled energy transition

Energy transition: a transformation that is cultural and organisational. Importantly, it’s a transformation that is about data – access, quality and equality

Disruption is the new normal

A disruptive mindset must be adopted by all energy stakeholders to support the current energy transition, said leaders at the 24th World Energy Congress (WEC) in September in Abu Dhabi, UAE.