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2020 – Enlit Europe Special Supplement

Enlit Europe Special Supplement 2020

In our Enlit Europe supplement, industry experts and members of the Enlit Europe event team discuss how to navigate the European energy transition.
What if innovation accelerated the energy transition?

What if we accelerated energy innovation?

Insiders from the energy sector outline the next steps to unlock further energy innovation in Europe and beyond.
Paddy Young describes how Enlit Europe is evolving, just like the European Energy sector

Energy is evolving: so is Enlit Europe

Enlit Europe’s vision is to be your inclusive guide to the European energy transition. Enlit Europe group director Paddy Young talks collaboration, innovation and inspiration.
An overview of Enlit Europe's end-to-end energy experience

Enlit Europe: An end-to-end energy experience

Enlit Europe’s content team unpack and explain their guide to the energy transition, zooming in on the different aspects of the transition.
The European flag waving in Brussel where Enlit Europe is meeting key players in the energy sector.

Enlit at the heart of Europe

We all have a role to play in the energy transition, so collaboration is key, argues Rogier Kuttschreuter from Enlit Europe.
Next move is to decarbonise, electrify and engage argues Krstian Ruby from Eurelectric.

Next move? Decarbonise, electrify, engage!

Despite CODID-19, the electricity industry is accelerating to decarbonise to become the solution for powering Europe’s net-zero emissions economy, says Kristian Ruby of Eurelectric.
SBEE, meters & more

Meters and More: Communication with the end customer device

The Italian smart grid revolution that in the early 2000s placed Italy at the centre of the first massive smart metering deployment, is now ready to change the relationship between utilities and end-users.
Energy efficiency is the missing piece of the decarbonisation puzzle, argues Hans Korteweg from COGEN Europe.

Energy efficiency: The missing piece in the decarbonisation puzzle

Europe is on the brink of missing a huge opportunity to put its industry and economy back on their feet by not fully considering energy efficiency investments, argues Hans Korteweg.
grid operations; disaster recovery; powerline communication; smart grid

PRIME hybrid solution combines PLC and RF

PRIME Alliance is committed to dealing with the communication challenges of the smart grid for the low voltage (LV) network with interoperable and open technologies.
Eurogas members are working together in their commitment to net zero

Through hardship to the stars

How major European gas companies are putting their weight behind achieving climate neutrality in the post-COVID world. By James Watson, Secretary General, Eurogas.

Tools of the market traders

Power and gas traders have much to offer to further develop Europe’s energy transition, says Peter Styles (European Federation of Energy Traders).