Webinar Recording | Environmental, Social and Governance and Asset Management

Sustainability is top of mind for many organisations but the path to achieving their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives is not so clear. In fact, for many, even the path to the starting point is still clouded, especially when considering that ESG means different things to different organisations.


Webinar Recording: What future for the EU ETS -the centrepiece of the EU climate...

Join this live online discussion where experts will review the role of the EU ETS in driving decarbonisation across the EU economy.

Webinar Recording: Hydrogen as an integral element of Europe’s Internal Energy Market

In this session, we discuss how to move from vision to action and how we can enable hydrogen as an integral element of Europe’s integral energy market.

Webinar Recording: The role of industrial energy users in the Energy Markets  

In this session, we will discuss the future value of flexibility, positive business cases and the mechanisms we need.

Webinar Recording: How a modern WAN transforms grid operations

Sign up for this webinar and learn how pioneering grid operators have modernised their WAN communications to help transform their grid operations.

Webinar Recording | Technology in trading: shortening the settlement cycle

This session will look at shortening settlement timescales will have huge benefits for the credit risk exposure. What are the latest technological developments and how do they impact the back-office?

Webinar Recording: Is the current market design fit for purpose?

We will discuss technologies in trading, the democratisation of European Energy Markets and the implications for the back office, Hydrogen as an integral element of Europe’s Internal Energy Market and of course we will take a look into the Price Drivers for both power and gas.