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Digital transformation and utility vulnerabilities exposed by the pandemic

In addition to triggering a new round of digital transformation amongst utilities in North America, the pandemic has also revealed new vulnerabilities in the industry..



Top seven investment areas crucial for China’s zero-carbon transition

A new report released by the Rocky Mountain Institute has identified some seven key investment areas vital for China to achieve its transition to zero-carbon emissions.
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Three ways the UK can revise energy codes to transition to net-zero faster

Gemserv provides recommendations on how the UK government can accelerate the transition of its energy market to net-zero.

Whitepaper: Decarbonising Europe’s heavy industry

Europe's heavy industrial companies can generate more than €200bn in net value through decarbonisation by 2030 - Accenture study.
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IEA releases India Energy Outlook 2021 report

has released the India Energy Outlook 2021 report which examines the opportunities and challenges faced by the planet’s third-largest energy-consuming country as it seeks to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.
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Fluence & Tesla top Guidehouse list of top utility-scale storage integrators

Guidehouse Insights has named five companies as the leading players in the utility-scale energy storage systems integration market.
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Solar energy is now the most cost-effective way to add electricity

Solar energy is now the cheapest way to add electricity in many markets across the globe, a new report released by Wood Mackenzie has revealed.