Podcast episode #7: The EU Clean Energy Package and the smart grid

In this episode, our guest experts from the OSGP Alliance share their insights on how to implement the EU Clean Energy Package in the smart grid.

The EU Clean Energy Package is a key initiative in reducing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels and shape the strategy of European DSOs. The challenge is to invest in technology in the smart grid so that it becomes truly smart; providing the intelligence and capabilities that will be needed to drive towards the Clean Energy Package outcomes.

These outcomes include increased energy efficiency, a minimum 32% renewable energy in the energy mix, a robust governance system and a redesigned energy market among other things.

Claire Volkwyn, your host and editor of Smart Energy International, is joined by Mark Ossel, Board member, OSGP Alliance and Jon Wells, Chairman of the technical committee, OSGP Alliance to talk about how communication is vital to further these outcomes.

This episode is brought to you in partnership with the OSGP Alliance and Networked Energy Services (NES).


Mark Ossel |Board member | OSGP Alliance

Jon Wells | Chairman of the technical committee | OSGP Alliance


Claire Volkwyn | Editor| Smart Energy International

Music by NSAT

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