Industry insights


The brain of a hybrid power plant

On-site hybrid power plants are proving successful because of the smart operating systems that integrate multiple technologies and assets, explains Hans Koopman of Siemens Energy.

Connecting the modern grid: Agility is more important than ever

The modern grid should deliver agility, security, and regulatory compliance—and open new service business for you.

Data security for utilities in the age of digital transformation

The utilities sector is rapidly increasing the use of connected devices and integrated technologies to improve the service they provide to their customers. Data security is key, writes Greenbird.

Winds of change for private LTE

Izabela Żylińska, Editor-in-Chief at, interviews Paweł Niedzielski, Sales Director at Nokia Solutions and Networks, about the new opportunities for private LTE.

Nokia Group Communications – Powering critical communications for split-second decision-making

Nokia's Group Communications solution compliant with 3GPP and based on MC-PTx standard will help unlock revenue streams and communication.
Glowing lightbulb on a digital background

Podcast with KMD: Drivers of digital in the Danish energy system

Denmark is a world leader in the field of renewable energy development. There is much to learn from the innovative Danish energy systems.