Satellite data to support the renewables transition

IRENA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are partnering to use space assets and data to advance the development of renewables.



Envision Digital partners with Microsoft to speed up global transition to net zero

AIoT solutions firm Envision Digital International has partnered with Microsoft to implement net-zero technology solutions.

Ed’s note: The G20 meeting was a bust

The race against climate change and global warming is not a marathon. It is a sprint. And Areti Ntaradimou fears that we don’t have what it takes to cut the finish line on time.
grid decarbonisation

How corporates’ renewables procurement strategies aid grid decarbonisation

RMI and Microsoft explore corporates' renewable energy procurement strategies and the role they can play in the decarbonisation of the grid.

Extreme wildfires spark need for more robust asset maintenance

Asset maintenance and grid resilience have never been more topical, as extreme weather events occur more frequently pushing the limits of utility preparedness.

No pathway to 2050 net-zero goal without G20 leadership – UN

There is no pathway to the 2050 net-zero goal without the leadership of the G20 member countries leadership - UN Secretary General.
World Energy Council

The US rejoins the World Energy Council

Under efforts to play a key role in the global energy transition, the United States has rejoined the World Energy Council.