Power Ledger launches its next generation energy blockchain

Australian energy blockchain pioneer Power Ledger is migrating its Energy Blockchain platform from Ethereum to more energy efficient Solana.



Renewables breakthrough as Australian town runs completely on solar

The town of Onslow in Australia powered consumers completely with solar energy and non-fossil or hydropower for 80 minutes.
Energy Transformation

Industrial Energy Transformation Studies Programme launches in Australia

A new programme has been launched by the Australian government to support feasibility and engineering studies aimed at identifying ways the industrial sector can reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Australian energy sector priorities focus on data and digitalisation

Nine startups have been selected to support eastern Australia transmission and distribution operators’ priorities.

Batteries in homes without solar – South Australia to test their power

Batteries are to be installed in 20 South Australian homes to test their potential as a virtual power plant (VPP).
ReNew Power battery storage

Australia’s battery market soars as renewables decline

Financial commitments in large-scale batteries have increased from 150MW of capacity in Q4 2020 to 600MW in Q1 2021.

Smart water meters demonstrate leak detection in NZ communities

Smart water meters have led to a 25% reduction in usage largely due to less wastage to leaks in two Marlborough towns.