About ADD Grup

ADD Grup is a developer and manufacturer of smart metering solutions since 1992 and based in Moldova with the 400 employees. Company successfully installed more than 7 million smart meters in 30 countries worldwide. Russia and Ukraine accounts for half of the installed base but significant deployments are also found in Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

ADDAX IMS system

The company’s primary product is the ADDAX IMS system for electricity and multi-utility metering. The system offers a suite of interconnected hardware and software tools, including electricity meters, communication endpoints, network infrastructure and data management applications. Supported functionalities include ToU metering, load profile, load control, demand response, fraud detection, imbalance control and prepayment. ADDAX IMS can employ a wide range of communication media such as G3-PLC/PRIME, RF mesh and 2G/4G cellular. The company claims to have been first to deploy smart meters with LTE in Europe. Outside of Europe, ADD Grup has significant deployments in countries such as Brazil, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa.

Improved solutions and step into future

In mid-2019, the company moreover introduced the ADDAX Hybrid PLC+RF solution, based on G3-PLC. The new hybrid PLC+RF solution had as of February 2020 moreover been deployed in a project covering around 150,000 meters in Krasnodar, Russia.

A hybrid solution based on PRIME is currently in development as well and will be launched during 2020.

ADD Grup is also on the step to present new kind of water meter – Ultrasonic Smart Water Meter. Solution uses the latest water metering technologies and already is ready for certification.

Values & Vision

In the design of our product, we tend not only to respond to the actual requirements of the market, but also foresee the future needs and problems of our customers. We tend to develop a product which is future proof and is flexible enough to be easily adapted to new requirements and client needs.

The main value of our company lays in the relationships with our partners and customers. We appreciate the common knowledge and experience we receive and invest this value into our developments.

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