Smart Energy International Issue 3 2020


This is the second Smart Energy International produced while the world has been at various stages of national lockdowns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The energy sector has undergone a massive shift in operations over a the space of a few months and has come out of what we hope is the worst of it with shining colours. The swift and seamless shift from all onsite to almost all remote-working has been astonishing. This includes prioritisation of customer and employee health and a focus on excellence at all times during one of the most challenging times in living memory.

We cover the response of the industry to the pandemic in a special Spotlight which showcases amazing examples of utilities from around the world. Many of them are already shifting their thinking to what happens next and how the new normal will impact their operations, finances and customers.

We hosted a webinar series early in May in which we spoke with a number of authorities from Asia, Europe, the US and Africa to understand the new dynamics. We have distilled some of their input in the following articles: The utility response to COVID-19
The operational impacts of C-19

We have also considered responses from the European Union to recovery stimulus and considered what the post-Covid utility sector challenges and opportunities will be.

However, despite the massive impact on lives around the world, this is not a COVID-19 dedicated edition. There is so much else going on in the world of smart energy to fill the pages of this publication. For instance, we consider the role of artificial intelligence in revenue intelligence, examine a framework for microgrid implementation and get to grips with the importance of understanding resilience.

In our cover story, our Editor-in-Chief Kelvin Ross asks: “What if more convergence could accelerate the energy transition?” It’s an interesting proposition that discusses how such convergence could be accelerated to increase the speed at which the transition takes place.

There is so much more to enjoy – breakthrough technologies, considerations for utility reform in Africa, and of course, a whole section of Power Engineering International focussed on nuclear fusion, tidal power and renewable energy.

There’s something for everyone in this edition and we hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together for you.

As lockdown restrictions around the world ease, we wish you and yours continued health and prosperity.

Until next time!

Claire Volkwyn
Editor – Smart Energy International