450,000 NB-IoT smart water meters coming in Spain

Valencian water company Global Omnium is to deploy 450,000 next generation smart water meters utilising Telefónica narrowband IoT connectivity.

The meters will be installed for domestic and business customers in the company’s service territory across Spain, with 150,000 NB-IoT SIM cards installed from the Spanish telecommunications operator and benefitting more than 3 million consumers.

The initiative is expected to improve the quality and efficiency of service to customers and to enable expansion of the full range of services to areas that are currently unreachable due to lack of communications infrastructure.

The deployment should increase the frequency of meter reading from daily to hourly.

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It will be implemented together with Global Omnium’s GOAigua data analysis platform, which translates consumption data into a range of services including notices of increases in unusual consumption, alerts for water use in closed homes such as second homes, possible interior leaks and social emergency alerts of zero consumption in homes with people living alone.

In addition, operational benefits that accrue include remote reading of consumption, predictive maintenance of the water infrastructure and other initiatives to reduce water losses and support water saving.

“The commitment that we have been developing for more than 10 years is to unite water and technology to offer sustainable water management and the best services for our clients,” said Dionisio García Comín, CEO of Global Omnium.

“Narrowband IoT connectivity will make it possible to democratise the service by being able to extend it to other cities and towns where up to now the technology is such that it is necessary to deploy local [communication] infrastructures.”

The project forms part of Global Omnium’s drive to advance in compliance with government requirements to replace all water meters in Spain of over 12 years old before 2025, in order to guarantee the accuracy of meter readings and save water.

Global Omnium previously piloted NB-IoT smart water metering in Valencia with Vodafone and Kamstrup, achieving 98% smart meter accuracy.