Smart meters and 100% green power for Mumbai consumers

Tata Power is delivering smart meters and 100% green power to its residential and C&I customers in Mumbai.

Tata Power declaring itself to be the first distributor to roll out smart meters in Mumbai says it has installed more than 7,000 units to date.

With the installation, the utility also has enabled its customers with valuable data analytics tools. Customers can now view and optimise their electricity consumption in near real time through the customer portal and mobile app.

Tata Power says the smart meter rollout has witnessed a positive support from customers and allows them easy access to monitor their consumption in just a few clicks on an hourly, daily or on monthly basis.

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Further, smart meters also update consumers with their monthly usage compared to the consumption in last 12 months and allows them to compare their consumption with the average monthly consumption of peers. Customers also receive alerts for abnormal usage so that they can optimise their consumption.

“Mumbai customers had billing issues last summer and we are now transitioning to a completely automated system using digital technologies and smart metering is one such initiative as we upgrade our distribution services in Mumbai,” says Sanjay Banga, President – T&D, Tata Power.

“Customer satisfaction is at our core and we want to empower our customers with such value added services in future.”

Tata Power also has announced that 37 large customers in Mumbai have opted for 100% green power on a new ‘Green tariff’

The utility expects to grow the offering to commercial and industrial customers as well as to residential customers who are keen to reduce their carbon footprint.

Tata Power has a 31% clean energy portfolio and aims to increase its clean energy share by 40-50% by 2025.