Podcast episode #12: Exploring Meters and More’s evolution

In this episode, Claire Volkwyn speaks to Meters and More general manager, Carlo Maria Drago and Alessandro Lasciandare, technical expert and member of two of the Association’s working groups.

The conversation includes the evolution of the Meters and More standard, explores the reasons for the Association’s creation, the celebration of a major milestone and touches on the focus areas for 2021 and beyond.

Meters and More is a leading, open solution for smart metering and other applications used in completed and on-going rollouts.  It is supported by over 40 leading member organizations. Worldwide, over 40 million smart meters are operated using Meters and More technology. 

This episode is brought to you in partnership with Meters and More.


Carlo Maria Drago | Meters & More general manager | Meters and More  

Alessandro Lasciandare | Technical expert and member of two of the Association’s working groups | Meters and More


Claire Volkwyn | Editor| Smart Energy International

Music by NSAT

Also watch the video of the interview conducted with the Meters and More team below:

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