COVID-19 a trigger for smart metering rollouts

COVID-19 has undisputably created a slow-down of economies and industries worldwide. However being on the one hand a stopper of smart metering deployments and a reason for delay or postponement of many projects, it is at the same time a trigger for smart metering rollouts for the countries that were previously reluctant to prepare their smart metering road-map.  

Over the lockdown period, it was determined that the usage of smart meters greatly facilitates life for consumers as well as for DSOs. With mandatory social distancing and isolation, smart metering removes the necessity for the personal presence of the controller to check the indications, disconnect or reconnect consumer due to payment issues. DSO’s can easily determine load peaks, check every user indication and avoid accidents on lines.

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Here a very critical component of smart metering solutions that make smart meters truly “smart”  is the ability to communicate with the head-end software close to real-time and as close as possible to 100% communication success.

ADD Grup’s G3-PLC Hybrid Solution with the ability to switch the communication channel from PLC to RF or vice versa. With automatic topology construction for communication with data-concentrators, these smart meter will always choose the right path for a permanent connection with head-end software.