ADDERRA: Prepaid utility services for hotels and rental property

ADD GRUP is one of the recognized leaders in smart metering industry with more than seven million smart meters deployed in 30 countries over five continents.

One of the keys to success is the company’s ability to listen to customers, hear their concerns, adhere to their demands and expectations and come up with ingenious solutions.

Being part of worldwide community in the utility industry and taking part in numerous events globally and regionally, ADD noticed that besides their target customers (electricity and water distribution companies) a new customer group has emerged: hotels and rental property owners and administrators. Their major concern? Overconsumption and utility waste.

ADD Grup have identified how this waste is being created. Hotel guests and tenants are the major reason for the misuse of water and electricity consumption which is twice as high as normal residential use. ADD Grup, therefore, considered a new approach to tackle overconsumption of electricity and water. The company considered different factors: efficiency, demand and the lack of supply on the European market, as well as regulations for energy efficiency in the hotel industry.

All these factors, together with the company’s experience creating efficient solutions for the management of electricity and water resources, resulted in the creation of ADDERRA Prepaid Utility Services for Hotels and Rental Property. ADDERRA consists of high accuracy meters combined with e-commerce marketplace to create a convenient platform for interaction between guests/tenants and owners of hotels and rental property leading to improved electricity and water efficiency.

ADDERRA was created to help owners of hotels and rented property offer a pleasant vacation for the guests, enjoy the experience of using ADDERRA and help meet their sustainability goals. ADDERRA motivates sustainability, reasonable use of precious resources and creates the possibility of fair pricing for rent through the elimination of fees for overestimated consumption.

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