ADD Grup delivers smart meters with hybrid solution for Palestine

TCEE, a Palestinian partner of ADD Grup has signed a new contract in order to deliver 6,000 smart meters with ADD Grup’s hybrid solution for Biet Ummar Municipality. 

TCEE decided to create a completely autonomous platform with auto-billing, which earlier was described in the article “From stand-alone to fully integrated smart metering prepayment solution.”

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From stand-alone to fully integrated smart metering prepayment solution

This solution is a qualitative breakthrough leap in the management of electricity networks, that allows local governments and utility companies to have everyday control over the electrical grid, in particular in autonomous mode. 

In order to achieve successful implementation and usage, constant communication between the smart meter and data centre is required. 

Hybrid solution from ADD Grup is here to provide unstoppable stability for communication, which provides 98-99.7% of data collection even in hard conditions. With autonomous transaction of the communication unit between PLC & RF and independent formation topology of connection – Hybrid Solution is an ideal solution for this TCEE project in Palestine.