Dutch Institute of Safety signs letter of intent for a safe energy transition

Engineering and certification firm DNV will be partnering with the Netherlands Institute for Safety (IFV) to help the country to transition to renewable energy and other low-carbon carbon energy resources-based economy whilst considering the safety and security of both the people and environment.

DNV has signed a letter of intent with IFV to ensure a safe energy transition. With the country having the energy transition as one of its greatest challenges due to various issues including the intermittency of renewables, the inability by renewables to meet baseload power, various technology standards and the need to ensure interoperability, the increase in cyber attacks due to digitalisation, ensuring a safe transition is vital.

The letter of intent confirms DNV and IFV will over the next three years expand or formalise their collaboration to conduct joint research in technologies and mechanisms that can help ensure a safe and secure energy transition in the Netherlands.

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Nils Rosmuller, Professor of Transportation & Energy Safety with IFV, said: “To avert the harmful effects of climate change, it is important that we rid our society of fossil fuels and come up with more sustainable resources. All kinds of developments are happening in this area. Examples include solar panels, neighbourhood batteries, electric cars, hydrogen production and storage, wind turbines, and so on. All these technological innovations and developments offer many opportunities. A proper understanding of the security risks that come into play let us help society turn this transition into a success. I think that jointly sharing knowledge about these risks is an absolute must-do for society.”

Maurice Adriaensen, Director and Market Area Manager Netherlands, Belgium and Israel at DNV, adds: “The future clean energy system will be complex, but it is definitely technically and economically feasible. A precondition for accelerating the energy transition is that the new energy system will work safely. We are proud that we can contribute our broad and thorough energy expertise to the safety of the energy system in the Netherlands.”

IFV will provide its expertise in the field of crisis management and fire services whilst DNV will provide its knowledge in risk management, security and safety to come up with national safety standards for various energy technologies.