Tata Power to install extra EV chargers across India

The lack of adequate charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) is one of the main factors hindering the quick adoption of smart mobility in India and across the world. However, a new collaboration formed by Tata Power and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) aims to increase the number of charging units across India.

HCPL has over 18,000 petrol and gas retail outlets across India, at which Tata Power has been allowed to install its EV charging units. The chargers will be installed in multiple cities and major highways across the country, a development that will help address range anxiety amongst EV owners, another key factor slowing down the proliferation of EVs.

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EV drivers will be able to use the Tata Power EZ charge mobile app to locate their chargers. The agreement is in line with the government’s National Electric Mobility Mission Plan. In this plan, India has set a target to ensure that from 2020 up to 7 million hybrid or electric vehicle units are sold per annum.

Through the plan, the government is providing energy and auto industry stakeholders with incentives for the development of charging infrastructure, EV models, and related technologies. The plan also encourages the development and enactment of policies supporting wider adoption of smart mobility under efforts to help India to reach its carbon emissions reductions targets. India is the world’s third-biggest emitter and is considering setting a target to achieve net-zero by 2050. Transport electrification is one vital area that has the greatest potential to help India to move closer to its decarbonisation plans.

Tata Power has over the past few years playing a significant role in helping to expand the country’s charging units. Today the company operates over 500 public chargers in 100+ cities

Sandeep Bangia, Head of EV Charging at Tata Power, said: “ We are excited to partner with HPCL who share our vision of sustainable mobility. This strategic tie-up provides us access to a vast retail base of HPCL, especially in cities and along the key highways.”