UK’s United Utilities to deploy cloud-based meter data management solution

UK water utility United Utilities is partnering with Itron to optimise the management of its meter data.

The utility has signed a contract with Itron for the supply of a cloud-based meter data management solution Temetra.

The solution will enable United Utilities to automate and improve its meter reading, data storage and processing capabilities for 1.6 million customers in northwest England. The project will enable the water company to optimise operations, improve water delivery and management and enhance customer engagement.

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Featuring an intuitive web-based interface and mapping functionality, Temetra will equip United Utilities to modify meter data and assignments anywhere with simple web login. The utility will use Temetra’s Georouting functionality to automatically assign work to meter readers across their operating area and integrate Temetra’s appointment booking functionality with their in-house customer service systems to better respond to and serve the requests of its customers.

Enhancing meter reading will enable the utility to accurately bill its customers resulting in improved revenue collection.

The project falls under efforts by the utility to accelerate its digital transformation and prepare itself for next-generation business cases. The use of technology to improve water management is a focus area for United Utilities as the company seeks to improve water conservation, meet sustainability goals and be able to meet growing consumer demands for digital services.