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LAISON remote IoT prepaid AMI smart water meter solution

With the rapid development of the concept of smart cities, based on the Internet of Thing (IoT) and big data technology, LAISON Remote IoT Prepaid AMI smart water meter (hereafter referred to as IoT Meter) can help water utilities faster bill collection and improve the cash flow, reduce the non-revenue water (NRW) effectively. The IoT Meter is widely tested and operated in Africa under the the support of LAISON after-sales team.

In order to bring customers a better product experience, we improved the design continuously. For example, we have selected more than ten options for the battery comparison test, redesigned the appearance and sealing structure to truly meeting the ten-year battery life.

Watch the video to learn more about the internal structure, assembly process, advantages of the IoT Meter, and how the IoT Meter automatically collects the meter data to help the Water Utility do Further Analysis & Better Management.

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