Itron CEO joins GridWise Alliance’s grid modernisation advisory council

GridWise Alliance, a consortium of energy industry stakeholders designed to discuss and develop solutions and policies to accelerate grid modernisation, has appointed Tom Deitrich, the CEO of Itron to its new Grid Infrastructure Advisory Council.

The Grid Infrastructure Advisory Council has been established call to support the alliance’s call to modernise the US electric power transmission and distribution systems in line with changing business models and the energy transition. The alliance has called upon the US government to invest up to $50 billion in federal funding towards grid modernisation.

The council will work with the Biden administration to address challenges hindering grid modernisation for the benefit of the US people and economy.

Gil C. Quiniones, the chair of GridWise Alliance announced the appointment of Deitrich to join the 30-member advisory council. Other members of the advisory council include leaders from the electric utility industry, environmental groups, labor unions and other interested parties in the public and private sectors.

Deitrich has more than 20 years of experience in global operations and will play a key role on the council in forming a voice on the need for US grid investments.

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Deitrich, said: “I’m honored to be among the distinguished group of industry leaders on the Grid Infrastructure Advisory Council. The important work we will do together is vital to the future of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

“From the rise of renewables and impacts to grid management to navigating increasingly connected, smarter cities and addressing aging infrastructure, utilities and cities are facing tremendous challenges. Now, more than ever, we need to invest in the grid to ensure our energy future.”

Tom Deitrich, CEO of Itron, shares his vision for the future of the industry-leading company and discusses the opportunities and challenges facing the utility sector.

Karen Wayland, GridWise Alliance CEO, adds: “Member companies like Itron are critical to the Alliance as we shine a spotlight on the electric grid for Congress and the Administration to see how investments in transmission and distribution networks will support a resilient and reliable grid, create good paying jobs and equitable access to affordable electricity.

“A modern grid is critical for meeting clean energy and climate goals. Every year our members invest in grid-enhancing technologies for integrating renewable energy, increasing reliability, protecting the grid from cyberattacks, and keeping electricity affordable.  We now have a significant opportunity to accelerate the deployment of grid modernization with substantial federal support.”

Itron has been a member of the GridWise Alliance since its founding in 2003.