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Ed’s note: Do consumers trust you?

Big announcements of major infrastructure projects make good headlines for politicians and are easy to pronounce but not necessarily as easy to implement.


Ed’s note: The G20 meeting was a bust

The race against climate change and global warming is not a marathon. It is a sprint. And Areti Ntaradimou fears that we don’t have what it takes to cut the finish line on time.

Grid battery tech on track. It now needs re-designed markets, monetisation

The battery technology seems to be on track, with estimates of $156/kWh in 2019 dropping to $61/kWh by 2030 in Europe - IRENA.

Ed’s Note – US: Mind the (grid) gap

“There’s a reality gap between the volume of renewables policymakers would like to see on the grid and the levels the current grid can actually handle.” And it seems like the policymakers in the US are trying hard to close that gap.

Decarbonising end-use sectors: buildings, transport, industry. Which strategies are best?

IRENA summarises the findings of a 4-day “Innovation Week” which focused on the decarbonisation of buildings, transport and industry sectors

Europe – 40% renewables by 2030

Central components of the European Union’s ‘Fit for 55’ emission reduction package are increases in the renewable energy and energy efficiency targets.
smart gas metering

Top five trends to shape the European smart gas metering market

How has COVID-19 affected the Italian and European smart gas metering market and how will the market evolve post-pandemic?